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Projects, ideas and thoughts by
Frank Homme

Business development

My completed projects

29 Minute Books
It's stupid not to be smart... FAST
Learn any topic in 29 minutes!
We hired 60 international authors, 7 voice actors and published over 100 ebooks and 90 audiobooks. Huge potential in several new business segments. ( Image: Intended as an illustration)

STATUS: In business, complete with iPhone app and webshop. Seeking partners, publishing houses or investors.
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SilentPOD is a soundproof "phone booth" and provides a better working experience in open offices and noisy environments.

I have designed a complete new series of low priced and easily mountable booths and set up production i Poland EU.

STATUS: Business is up and running, seeking partners or investors, agents, dealers.

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Complete web solution for publishing press releases and demographic filtering. Publish press releases, job search, offer jobb skills, company guides etc.
Including payment solution for members. 

STATUS: Closed and non operative. Web domain for sale.  



Webshop for the speaker series Flatbox from DLS.

STATUS: Closed and non operative.  



Complete web shop for electronics, music equipment, audio parts, home appliances. 

STATUS: Closed and non operative.  


Projects finished and sold



An amazon "light" webshop with an extensive product catalog.
Powered and marketed by an hourly rate and countdown system.

Status: Sold to investors. Status unknown  


A simple webshop and excellent domain, made ready for external operation and maintenance. Targeted at the sports segment.
Sold to G-sport

Status: Sold to investors. Status unknown...

Yoga Practice

AlleKvinner  (AllWomen)
Editorial content mixed with a comprehensive webshop filled with products aimed at women end female shoppers and customers.

Status: Sold to investors. Status unknown  

New projects in progress

Bergen SeaStreet
An arena and platform for Bergen and Western brands within food production, development and processing. 
This is a very ambitious project which, upon completion, will attract international attention. 

Status: Seeking partners, investors or contributors.
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The only right way to clean your Airpods, headset, mobilephones, headsets etc. I have designed and invented an "unit" that solves a major problem regarding Air Pods, mobile phones, plugs and similar equipment that are soiled by dirt and dust in charging openings and speaker outputs. Could be patended.
This product has great potential.

Status: Seeking partners or investors.
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Skjermbilde 2021-01-14 kl. 09.29.12.png

A new revolutionary concept in modular houses building, combined with an innovative financial service. This is aimed at a customer group that has not previously had a real housing offer within this segment.

Status: About to start production in Baltikum .
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A small but ingenious product that could prevent the spread of Covid-19 virus in certain enviroments, and also serves the purpose as an excellent promotional or branding product.

Status: Prospected. Seeking manufacturers or investors.
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The perfect add-on product for electric scooter rental companies like Lime, Bolt, Tier, Voi, Wind, etc.
Can easily make the difference between whether scooters are allowed in a city or not.

Status: Prospected. Seeking partners or investors.
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Box is a "code" name for a business idea that is generating a totally new channel of distributing of snacks and kiosk goods, as well as some non-food. As a result of this, a completely new type of marketing channel will also be established.

Status: Prospected, seeking partners or investors.
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An online solution for sharing knowledge and information, but using a completely new platform and recruitment method to achieve this.

Status: Prospected, seeking partners or investors.
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Purchase, sell and pay over the internet in a way that ensures the security of both seller and buyer.

Status: Prospected, seeking partners or investors.
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An e-commerce solution with a new and innovative method for selling brands and other well-known products. Implements strong incentives for sales and internal marketing.

Status: Prospected, seeking partners or investors.
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Bell Riva -Flotell
Floatel with 66 cabins and a restaurant located in Bergen, Norway. For Sale or long term rent.
ROOMS. Number of rooms - 66 rooms, size 16 m2, all with shower and toilet.

Status: Up and running, seeking buyers, investors.
 Read more - http://tiny.cc/flotell


The idea with lilleBRYGGEN is to connect local business, aquaculture, local producers and municipal agencies with working life training through practical work for individuals and social groups who need an offer to be able to return to working life.

Status: Prospected, seeking partners or investors.
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A portable device that is set up between two zones or areas, where one wants to control infection and maintain infection-free areas.

Status: Prospected, seeking partners or investors.
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29 Minute Coach
Why you should seek out your coach or speaker. At 29 Minute Coach, we come to you. Where you are and when it suits you.​

Status: Prospected, seeking partners or investors.

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Christmas Market at Night

Bergen Messe
Create a service that replicates a bit of the atmosphere at traditional markets and combine this with a modern way of offering goods and services that you find at trade fairs and shopping centers.

Status: Prospected. Seeking partners or investors.
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Mini Golf

Hygo -Golf clubs
A redesign of the traditional golf club in more than 6 different and critical areas. Why? The way an ordinary golf club functions today is not optimal. Curious about why? Finished product should be possible to patent.

STATUS: Seeking partners in the golf sport industri or investors.
 More info to come. Interested? Contact me.


Haven ONE
A huge home builders project which defines a new way of living in the future...
No further information at the moment.

Status: On drawing board.
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Skjermbilde 2020-09-16 kl. 21.09.46.png

Sky One
The world's tallest free-standing climbing tower. With multifunctionality as a training facility for the military and companies with maritime activities. 

Status: Prospected. Seeking partners or investors.
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Light Show

The SX (TV-show)
A one hour TV-Show embrasing a well known social dilemma. Including, live audience, social media and interactive TV.

Status: At planning stage. Teaming up with .

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Eden One
Focus on sustainable food production, increased consumption of vegetarian food and local production opens up opportunities to adopt innovative solutions based on new technology.

Status: Planning, seeking partners or investors.
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A project targeted against "Festspillene i Bergen" which focuses on the music hidden in silence. Noise pollution converted to sound of silence. 

STATUS: Under construction.   
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Top View of a Shopping Mall

A profitable distributions system generating cashflow for customers operating mainly in transit locations.

Status: Project phase, evaluating.  
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The shopping malls have generally had a decrease in the number of visitors in recent years. A new and entertaining way of generating activity, trade and sales will ensure that this trend is reversed and that the shopping centers gets profitable tenants.

Status: Under prospecting phase 2...  
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PpP - Private pincode Protector
A device that protects your PIN code from access and copying when using bank terminals, ATMs, etc. The device is made of multilayer polymer and can be produced in 2-3 parts.

Status: Shelved at the moment, but can be reopend.  
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DwD - Doctors without Delay 
When you need health services you want them immediately and not in 1 week. Dissemination of ad-hoc, available and cancellation hours within health services Based on where a user is located, we let them book the nearest (place + time) available hours with a doctor, dentist, psychologist, therapist. These are hours that would not have been filled.
Status: Shelved at the moment, but can be reopend.  
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Just crazy ideas and projects...
Illuminated Rock

Steal them or use for inspiration
You probably have experienced it yourself. An idea or thought strikes you and for a moment you think that this is it, the most brilliant idea of the century... 
Then you get to think a little, do a reality check and the idea ends up in the drawer of shattered dreams.
But maybe some of these ideas and thoughts can inspire and ignite an entrepreneurial spark in others ... who knows.

Steal them, use them and prosper... or not.

alleMann (allMen.no)
The twin website to already established and sold project Alle Kvinner. Editorial content mixed with men related cosmetic and hygienic products.
Status: Not completed, shelved


A collection of editorial content and tools for entrepreneurs.
Status: Not completed, shelved

Bank Of Downloads

As WWW emerged it would be helpful with a website selecting the best free downloadable software.
Status: Too slow, too late, too comprehensive. Shelved

Body & Mind
An interactive program and system helping you keep active and fit.
Status: Not completed, shelved

Bergen Nettverk
A network of local investors and entrepreneurs meeting, with a clear goal of realizing one or more concepts or ideas in a short period of time. Momentum to action.

Status: Not completed, shelved

Best Price Portal
In the early years of the web we saw a need for a neutral and objective service comparing online product prices. 

Status: Not completed, shelved

Brettspill (boardgame)

A music quiz boardgame including an interactive pyramid connected to your mobilphone.
Status: Not completed, shelved

Debatt (debate)

A website and service that aims to gather politicians and bureaucrats statements and promises, and later compare and check whether these have been complied with and fulfilled. 

Status: Not completed, shelved

Din By
A website that will cover all services, activities, local news and more for your hometown.

Status: Way too slow to market, already done with no success.

Domain auktion

Easy, self service domain auction engine.

Status: Not completed, shelved

Eventyr - iPhone - Fairytales iPhone App

As iPhone apps emerged, we started on a app containing well known childrens fairytales. 
Status: Not completed, shelved

Forbrukermakt ( Consumer Power)
A portal that aims to remove bad products and services from the market by letting consumers vote for them and run "anti" campaigns against suppliers.

Status: Not completed, shelved

HjelpMeg ( Help Me )
A web service with freelancer experts answering questions in different areas.  

Status: Too late, not completed, shelved

Bring different services home to your doorstep. 

Status: Not completed, shelved or maybe.

The Old Man - Internet Adventure game
In the early days of www we planned a series of adventure games, divided into weekly episodes. All web based. 

Status: Not completed, shelved

Jatakk ( Yes Thank you)
A web based service with catalogues, brochures and commercial prints. Free for suppliers and customers. 

Status: No interest, shelved

As email took over for traditional mail, we saw a need for sending paper mail from your email client. 

Status: Not completed, shelved

The final solution - (Movie manuscript)
Started on a film script, did not hav the patience.
Bye completing a longer journey, a person encounters a number of issues and challenges that take turns on societal challenges.

Status: Not completed, shelved

Nordic Casino
Started on a web based collection of Casino games. 

Status: Not completed, shelved

Nordic Merchant hotel
A hotel and fullfillment service for web shops without warehouse storage. 

Status: Not completed, shelved

Norges Portal

Status: Not completed, shelved

News Web - freelancer
A service where freelancers can sell their content to newspapers, TV and other media. 

Status: Not completed, shelved

Pixelhunt - Treasure hunt

By dividing an image into coordinates and guess where one or more prize pixels are located, we made a  "free game - free prize" game.   
Status: Not completed, shelved

Wheelchair handle
A better, more hygienic, more powerful solution on how to make propulsion using a wheel chair.

Status: Not completed, 3D drawings under development.

Skrapelodd - Scratch card
Made a digital scratch card game, implemented with commercial messages.

Status: Completed, not in use anymore.

Back wall for desks
A back wall for free-standing desks, with an assortment of accessories such as pencil holders, shelves etc.  

Status: Still in design stage.

Re planting forrest by air
Designed a forrest planting unit that could be dropped from a plane to cover vaste areas in a less time consuming way.  
Status: Too big, and discovered other good solutions .

Anti Bike Theft
Designed a small kit with equipment for marking bicycles and other belongings in a non-reversible way. Together with an online registration system.
Status: Shelved. Not completed. 

A Toothbrush subscription with self-designed toothbrushes and cleaning station.
Status: Still in design stage.

Reference work and external projects

Work and Projects

A small part of work and projects i have done through the years. 


Several internal projects in the entertainment genre. Journalist at TV 2 Interaktiv. Project leader "payable content".

Lederkunnskap.no web portal with resources and editorial content for business leaders and business development. 


Design and brand development of Vovi, and VoviClean.  


Participated in development and design og Hegnar Media Book Club. 


Gamified marketing platform. The Geddit App is best compared with Pokemon Go with an marketing and branding option for businesses. Worked with founder Idar Vollvik with development and building the company. Tasks including management, strategy, international agreements, contracts, design, building UI, management team work.  


Project leader for "Gi med hjertet". Website for raising funds for humanitarian work.


Website for raising funds for humanitarian work. 


Website for raising funds for humanitarian work.


Sub site for one of Norway's largest mobile phone operators. 


Participated with content and structure in new portal for Sparebanken Vest.


Kurt Nilsen and Breed's very first album. I designed, photographt and printed the album. 


Musical CD compilation for a Norwegian convenient store. Not fullfiled. 



Gameified Marketing Platform. Worked with founder Idar Vollvik with development and building of the company. Tasks including management, strategy, international agreements, contracts, design, building UI, management team work. 


29 Minute Books
Editor, founder, owner and project manager for 29 Minute Books AS. Iphone app and online store for audio and ebooks. P ublished 100 books and 95 audio books for approx. 60 international writers and actors. 

Projects (external)


TV 2 - Vil du bli Millionær? ( Who wants to be a millionaire?)
Responsible for coordination with TV 2 on the TV program "Who wants to be a millionaire?" with the facilitation of editorial content on TV2.no, as well as the collection of user data and participants for the program. Responsible for the selection of participants 1st step, as well as all editorial arrangements on web.


TV 2 - 2Shop ( webshop )
Project manager and responsible for the development, facilitation and operation of TV 2 Interaktiv's e-commerce initiative. Collaboration project with the logistics company Sjumil and the technology supplier Bits-IKT. Including e-commerce site design, product customization,


TV 2 - EyeOne
Netcom Project on entertainment portal with content provided by EyeOne / Netcom.


TV 2 - Micro payment. 
Project manager for facilitation and implementation of the payment system Payex on TV2.no. For web and SMS.


TV 2 - Aksjekonkurransen. (The stock exchange)
Collaborative project between StockLink, Stocknet, Transact and TV 2 Interaktiv on a portal with finance, stock exchange and financial material with an associated application for the purchase of virtual shares.


TV 2 - Web, Journalist
Produced approx. 800 articles, product reviews, news items, posts, etc. for TV2.no.


TV 2 - Aksjekonkurransen. (The stock exchange)
Collaborative project between StockLink, Stocknet, Transact and TV 2 Interaktiv on a portal with finance, stock exchange and financial material with an associated application for the purchase of virtual shares.


TV 2 - 2Fun
Facilitation of humor portal from external partner.

TV 2 Text-TV 
Coordination and facilitation of editorial content between teletext and TV2.no.        


TV 2 - TV 2 Spillsiden ( 2Play Gaming portal)

Operation, maintenance and content production of games and entertainment site on TV2.no.

2Play. Portal for online entertainment, preferably web-based games, competitions and other activities.

TV 2 - Phonophile.
Streaming music, online payment service.

TV 2 - Games on Demand.
Completed project on online streaming of user and entertainment software on TV2.no.

TV 2 - TextTV Convert
PC application for conversion of TV 2's teletext ads. (on assignment for TV 2 Interaktiv)